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The Caregiver Gain: Your Caregiving Career’s Hidden Health Benefits

The Caregiver Gain: Your Caregiving Career’s Hidden Health Benefits

You may be familiar with the term the “caregiver burden”; a theoretical term used to describe the stress and anxiety that caregivers experience throughout their life. However, recent studies have shown quite the opposite effect of caregiving. More and more people in the caregiving industry are experiencing a gain from their careers. Think about it; every job is stressful no matter the industry. Whether it be a corporate finance job or a caregiving job, there will always be some sort of stress factor that may negatively affect us. As a professional caregiver, I can personally attest to the fact that I have experienced feelings of self-fulfillment, positivity, and gratitude during my career as a Certified Homemaker Home Health Aide. Sure, not every day is rainbows and butterflies, but at the end of the day I leave work knowing that I’ve helped a number of people lead happier healthier lives, and that is what gets me up in the morning and through my days. I will briefly outline all of the positive physical and mental health contributions that I’ve gained through this rewarding profession.

Being Able to Remain Active

From an outsider’s perspective, caregiving may not seem like a very active job. Quite the opposite is true. As an in-home care specialist your tasks are not just limited to administering medication and or cooking. You are always on your feet! Many of my clients still have a range of mobility so we are always doing fun activities such as gardening, walking to the park, or participating in other senior activities that keep us on our toes. You also will have to perform household chores which require a lot of movement. While you are not running a marathon, you also are not sitting in a cubicle in a chair for hours on end. Movement throughout the day can help keep anxiety at bay even if you’re just climbing steps and lifting objects.

Increased Cognitive Ability

Adhering to strict dietary regulations and medication schedules takes a lot of focus and planning capabilities. I’ve found myself more organized in my personal life because I know how to properly plan out a client’s schedule as well as document their health status. My memory has remained sharp as a result, and I can quickly act if a problem arises.

Feelings of Positivity and Self Worth

In addition to being a caregiver, I have also worked in a financial planning office part-time. While I enjoyed my time there, it did not have the human-interaction that I craved. A paycheck is great, but the personal touch and human interaction that comes along with caregiving made me feel as though I was truly making a difference in someone’s lives, not just with their finances. I felt a significant increase in my mood, and a greater appreciation of life in general. Our time here is short in the grand scheme of things so why not spend it helping others and not just ourselves.

If you are interested in a rewarding career path, consider becoming a certified home health aide through Pawson Career Institute. We offer online programs that are flexible to fit your busy schedule as well as a kind and caring staff to help you with any questions throughout the training process. We are located at 2360 Route 33, Suite 102 in Robbinsville, New Jersey and are available by phone at 609-416-2442. As a veteran of this program, I highly encourage anyone in the New Jersey area to take the next step and enroll today!

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