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HHA Online Course

Are You Looking for an HHA Online Course?

Are you looking for an HHA online course? If so, contact the Pawson Career Institute. 


Here at the Pawson Career Institute, we offer an HHA online course that consists of 60 hours of remote online learning, which can be completed anytime, 24/7, within the limits of the course term and 16 hours of in-person skills lab which will be completed at our on-site location in Robbinsville, NJ. This course is perfect for those who want to get their HHA certification but looking for convenience and flexibility.


There are plenty of reasons to get a job as an HHA. For one, it is a very rewarding career. You get to help people in need and make a difference in their lives. Additionally, HHA jobs offer good pay and benefits. 


Another reason to become an HHA is that it provides you with flexible hours. This is perfect for individuals who have other commitments outside of work, such as childcare or school. 


Lastly, HHA jobs offer the opportunity to meet new people and build relationships. You will get to know your patients and their families, and you may even form lasting bonds with them.


So get started on your path towards becoming an HHA and contact the Pawson Institute!

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