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Academic Standing Criteria

CHHA Programs:

All online modules must be completed with a grade of an 80% or higher by the term deadline (listed on your enrollment agreement) in order to pass the course. Clinical labs may not be attended unless online modules have been completed in full. Failure to complete all assigned online modules within the dates of the term will result in a non-passing grade for the course and on all transcripts.

All components of the in-person clinical skills session must be passed in order to receive an official certificate of completion. This includes:

  • Skills Competency Form signed by an approved PCI instructor. 

  • Grade of 80% or higher on a 1-hour proctored final exam. Tuition for the course includes one final exam voucher. Any student who do not pass on the first-attempt must schedule a retake with our front desks. Students have 30 days to retake their final exam, from the date of the first attempt. All retakes will incur a proctoring fee of $135.


Withdrawing From a Course?

If you do not believe that you can complete or pass the course by the term deadline, we advise you to complete and submit a  withdrawal form before the withdrawal period has ended. Students may qualify for a refund.

Time of Withdrawal

Within five days from the start date of the course

Prior to 25% completion of the course

After 25% of program and before 50%

After 50% of program is completed

Terms for Payment and Refunds

• All tuitions must be paid in full at the time of enrollment of any program.

• Please note that administrative fees listed on your enrollment agreement are non-refundable.

Students Responsibility

0% of tuition

20% of tuition

40% of tuition

100% of tuition

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