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Your Caregiving Career: CHHA Training Policies and Expectations


Your Caregiving Career: CHHA Training Policies and Expectations

The Caregiver Home Health Aide training program is designed to provide its students with a full understanding of the duties and responsibilities of being a Home Health Aide. The course prepares you for your career through an online training course accompanied by an on-site skills training component. Before enrolling, it’s best to familiarize yourself with PCI's Policies and Expectations. I found it beneficial because it laid out what was expected of me so that I could achieve greatness!

Protocols and Policies:

Orientation is Mandatory- All students must partake in a 2-hour long on-site orientation which, as previously mentioned, is an excellent opportunity to familiarize with the course and meet your classmates and instructors.

Course Access- Students will be guaranteed access to the course once all fees have been paid! Pay your fees as soon as possible in order to stay on track. You can find a list of required fees here.

Staff Assistance- Pawson Career Institute prides itself on their diligent, helpful staff force. A trained staff member can assist you with information as well as answer any questions you may have about the material or course on a weekly basis. It is beneficial to take advantage of this help because some modules can be especially challenging. I made sure to review any material I was unsure about with a staff member.

Technical Support- You will be completing the online portion of the class using the Institution of Professional Care Education Inc. Technology. Write this down! In case of any technical difficulties, call technical support at (877) 843-8374.

Proctored Exam- Once you have completed the 60-hour online training course, your next step is to complete the 1-hour proctored exam. Students must complete this portion as well as all other parts to receive certification.

Student Expectations:

PCI holds its students to the highest standard in order to produce highly qualified caregivers. Here are some expectations that you should keep in mind, now that you are officially in the CHHA program!

Be punctual: This is an important quality to have in any circumstance. The staff at the PCI are dedicated to providing you with the best training experience, so it is only fair to reciprocate. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your skills training course and plan to be present for the entire class.

Bring a Lunch: Pack a lunch for yourself that has its own cooling system or requires no heat. Light snacks will be provided but you are expected to bring your own lunch should you desire.

Silence Your Cell-Phones: It is courteous to silence your cell-phone before the skills training class. Cell phones are a disruption in class and will not be needed throughout your training session. The instructors will not be using their cell phones, and it's imperative that you show the same respect.

Parking Requirements: Make sure to park in the rear spaces upon arrival. The spaces in the front are reserved for retail customers.

Groups: Students will be arranged in small groups to stimulate conversation and provide a comfortable, interactive learning environment. You can use your personal elevator pitch to initiate conversation and make new connections!

You’re Ready!

Arrive on time and ready to learn! Remember, a lot will be covered in this training session that requires your undivided attention. It is important to get a good night’s sleep the night before to keep focused and maintain a positive disposition!

If you have any additional questions about the CHHA program’s policies and expectations, feel free to contact us at 609-416-CHHA (2442). A staff member will be able to provide you with additional information as well as answer any pressing questions!

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