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This components of this program vary based on length of license expiration.


If your CHHA license expired within the last 5 years:


2-Hours of In-Person Skills Lab:

Completed at our on-site location in Robbinsville, NJ. Students will observe skills from our nursing instructors and then demonstrate competency.


CHHA Application Submission with the New Jersey Board of Nursing:

One of our program coordinators will provide each student with guidance through the application process with the Board of Nursing in order to obtain an active license.


**If your CHHA license expired 5+ years ago, you must retake the full 76-Hour CHHA Training Program. Please go back to our course library and sign up for one of our 76-hour CHHA Training Program Sessions**

CHHA Reinstatement Course

  • Students must hold an expired New Jersey CHHA License.

  • Kimberly Neal | 609-416-2442

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