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How Long Does It Take to Complete HHA Training?‍

Becoming a Home Health Aide (HHA) is a rewarding career choice for people passionate about helping others and providing care in their homes. If you're considering a career as an HHA, you may have questions about the training required, the certification process, and the time it takes to become qualified. In this blog, we'll walk you through the steps to become an HHA, the duration of the training, and the various options available to you in Trenton, NJ. 

What is a Home Health Aide (HHA)?

A Home Health Aide is a trained professional who assists clients with disabilities, cognitive impairments, injuries, or other health issues in their own homes. Home Health Aides play a key role by assisting clients with personal care, meal prep, tidying up around the house, and handling errands—routine and essential tasks. HHAs are lifelines, offering hands-on help with day-to-day tasks, a listening ear, and a shoulder to lean on, making a real difference in the well-being of those they care for.

HHA Training Programs

To become a Home Health Aide in Trenton, NJ, enrolling in a training program that provides the necessary knowledge and skills is essential. The duration of HHA training programs can vary depending on the state and the specific program you choose. However, most programs can be completed within a few weeks or months.

Online HHA Training

One option for HHA training is online programs. Online training allows you to complete the coursework at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Online HHA courses let you balance work or family life while still moving your career forward, all on your schedule. If you're juggling a job or family life, our online HHA programs can provide you with engaging content on crucial skills such as supporting patients, managing medications, and maintaining good communication.

In-Person HHA Training

Another option is in-person HHA training, typically offered by community colleges, private schools, and healthcare agencies. In these programs, you'll tackle classroom theory, practice hands-on techniques, and finally bring everything together during clinical rounds with actual patients.

Hybrid HHA Training

Some HHA training programs offer a hybrid approach, combining online coursework with in-person skills labs and exams. The hybrid format skillfully blends online learning's convenience with the indispensable hands-on sessions to master the theory and practice needed in HHA training. Hybrid programs typically include virtual information sessions, online modules, in-person skills labs, and final exams.

Duration of HHA Training

The duration of HHA training programs can vary depending on the program format and the number of hours required by your state. Most HHA training programs generally range from a few weeks to a few months. Certain programs allow you to speed through your HHA training, wrapping it up quickly.

For example, a typical HHA training program may consist of:

  • 60 hours of remote online learning: This part of the program covers theory-based modules and can be completed at your own pace within the course term. You can tap into online platforms anytime, anywhere, using your phone or computer, which means you can study on your terms and when it suits you best.

  • 16 hours of in-person skills lab: During this practical segment, you'll get to watch and then try out key nursing techniques yourself, all with expert instructors showing you the ropes. By practicing hands-on, students gain the crucial skills they need to give top-notch care to their patients.

  • 1-hour in-person final exam: To successfully complete the HHA training program, students must pass a final exam consisting of multiple-choice questions. The passing score is typically set at 80% or higher.

Remember, the length of your HHA training might change based on how much time you’re able to dedicate to your coursework and where you live.

Home Health Aide Certification

Once you have completed the required HHA training program, the next step is to obtain certification as a Home Health Aide. The certification process may vary depending on the state where you plan to practice. It’s important to research the steps needed to become a certified HHA in your state.

To obtain certification, you will typically need to:

  1. Complete the required hours of training: Each state has its own minimum training requirements, ranging from 75 to 120 hours. Ensure that the training program you choose meets your state's criteria.

  2. Pass a written exam: Certification often includes a written exam to assess your knowledge and understanding of the topics covered in the training program. Expect to tackle a mix of question types on the exam, not just multiple-choice; they're designed to test how well you've grasped the material.

  3. Demonstrate practical skills: Besides the written exam, you may be required to demonstrate your competency in essential skills through a skills evaluation. Small businesses need imaginative yet realistic marketing plans to hit their goals while carefully managing budgets.

  4. Apply for state certification: Once you have successfully completed the training program and passed the exams, you can apply for certification through the appropriate state agency or board. You'll need to gather proof of your completed training, test scores, and any extra paperwork when you apply for that official stamp of approval.

HHA Salary and Job Outlook

Home Health Aides play a vital role in the healthcare industry, and their services are in high demand. The salary can vary based on location, experience, and employment setting.

The job outlook for Home Health Aides is also promising. The BLS projects a 29% growth in employment for HHAs from 2019 to 2029. This surge in HHA jobs stems from an aging population and their growing preference for the comfort of home-based care rather than living in nursing homes or other medical facilities. As more people choose to receive care in their homes, the demand for qualified HHAs is expected to continue rising.

Begin a Rewarding Home Health Aide Career with Pawson Career Institute!

Discover the fulfillment and rewards of a career as a Home Health Aide with Pawson Career Institute! Whether you prefer online, in-person, or hybrid training, our programs can be completed in just a few weeks to a few months, catering to various learning styles and schedules.

Take the next step after training by obtaining your HHA certification through exams and meeting state requirements. To build a thriving career helping others, first get certified by passing the exams and meeting your state's requirements.

Start your journey toward a successful career as a Home Health Aide by accessing our resources and taking the necessary steps today!


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